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The Halstead 21st Century Group has been formed by like minded residents of the Essex town of Halstead and surrounding villages, concerned about the future of the open land to the east of the High Street, which is still under threat for future development. We  believe it is important that this area which contains mature trees and historic wartime buildings should be kept free of major development because of its visual, environmental and educational possibilities for the future.

We are working to improve public awareness of this great asset with local authorities and other interested parties.

In the longer term, we would hope to help with the survival of other historic areas and buildings in the town to ensure the heritage and character of the town are not lost for future generations and visitors alike.

The Halstead Gazette

6th September 2013

Articles from the Local Press

The Halstead Gazette

20th September 2013

The Halstead Gazette

11th October 2013

The above articles have been reproduced with the kind permission of the Halstead Gazette

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Sustainability Policy

Sustainability now is an inherent part National planning policy framework and it is expected that organisations have a sustainability policy. To that end we have included a link to our first draft below. Should you wish to make a comment please email Jane Giffould at

Draft Sustainability Policy

The Halstead Gazette

28th March 2014

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The Halstead Gazette

1st May 2015

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Have you commented on the 2016 Braintree District Council Local Plan?

Braintree District Council is publishing its new Draft Local Plan which is the basis for future development of homes, employment and business sites, while protecting the countryside. Planning applications, whatever their size and proposed use, are assessed against the policies contained in the Local Plan. The Local Plan covers the period to 2033 and also includes proposals for strategic development across north Essex.

 The full document, together with the accompanying Sustainability Appraisal/Strategic Environmental Assessment (SA/SEA) and the evidence which supports it can be found on the Council's website at This information is also available to view at Causeway House, Braintree and a copy of the Local Plan is available on CD, to library users across the District.

The consultation period runs from Monday 27th June to Friday 19th August at 5pm.

 If you wish to express your views regarding the land to the east of the High Street, we have prepared a letter template which you can download and send to BDC. Download Letter Template

As part of the consultation, exhibitions are being held across the District. These are drop in sessions which are held from 2.30pm to 7.30pm. Halstead’s exhibition will be held in The Queens Hall on Monday 4th July, you are encouraged to attend if you can.